Oct 31, 2007

New dogs: Dane, Ishtar, Sabrina & Kurt

Dane and Ishtar appeared at the beach yesterday. Dane is a puppy of around 2 months old and Ishtar is not a puppy but she's very young and hyperactive plus she's very tiny. If someone is interested in sponsoring/adopting them let me know.

Sabrina and Kurt were found near the hotels area in Yabucoa and relocated but they need to get out of the beach for good. Sabrina is an adult female maybe less than 2 years old and Kurt is around 6 months old.

Oct 26, 2007

Kasey's puppies

Kasey gave birth yesterday (October 24)--to at least 5 puppies. Kasey is still young--she's still 11 months old and seems to be a good mom. Her puppies are in an underground hole she dug. She seems to have some kind of injury in her left eye and i think she's blind from that eye. She lost her sister Kaylee and mom Mara recently.

Oct 24, 2007

Oct 15, 2007


Mara died today. She was poisoned like her daughter Kaylee, eight days before. I remember when i found Kaylee dead; Mara was acting kind of strange, sniffing the area where she died...

Nicky: Before and after

Marina is getting better

Oct 8, 2007


Another sad day... I found Murphy dead at the beach today.

Oct 6, 2007

Three new little babies: Michi, Marley & Macy

These three babies were along the road to the beach. We don't know if they were with their mom or if there are more puppies, but we're still looking. They are approximately 5 weeks old. If anyone is interested in helping them, please let me know.


Poor Marina was found recently with a chain burried in the flesh around her neck. Anyone interested in sponsor her, please go to http://www.manosporpatas.org/

Oct 4, 2007


Unfortunately today i found Kaylee--one of Mara's daughters--dead in the middle of the sandy road to the end of the beach.