Dec 12, 2007

Animal welfare

Every time the government, their agencies or some corporation say they want to do something about animal welfare—usually it’s not true. They usually mean they want to find some way to get rid of animals without offering them so much as a real chance in life. They are “trying” to do something because they are losing money not because they care and they don’t care about how it’s done either.

Most people will content by believing (or deluding themselves) that they at least are being killed “humanely” but—who are they kidding? There’s nothing “humane” about killing innocent victims. If that were really the case why not kill “humanely” old and sick people too? Or children without parents? Or poor and homeless people for that matter? No one really seems to be interested in stopping the cruelty the way it should really be stopped: by punishing the people that commit these crimes.

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