Jan 31, 2008

This week...


(she has 6 newborn puppies)



(looks pregnant--geez!)

Jan 28, 2008


Kristen is new, or at least i saw her today for the first time. She's very nice and friendly.

I found the new place where Vanessa has her puppies. It's a slightly better than the last one. The puppies are more protected from the weather but not so from humans--although it's a little difficult to get the puppies from there. Over the weekend comeone constructed a "latrine" beside them--i guess someone was camping nearby. The old place was more exposed and someone was setting some palm trees on fire near them last week.

Jan 23, 2008


She's new and i suspect she may be pregnant. Gosh!
She's very friendly.

Jan 22, 2008


What's wrong with some f#$%&*@ people??? Throwing puppies and pregnant dogs into the beach, gosh! We're having too many since December. These 6 puppies were born in the beach, probably sunday or monday. Their then pregnant mom--Vanessa--was seen at the beach for the frst time on saturday/sunday. I found their "den" today in some bushes. And another black puppy--who i named Melissa (~3 months)--was found today.

Jan 17, 2008

Jan 16, 2008

Taina & her 6 puppies (3 weeks old)

Marsha and her pup

The other day I posted pics of the new dogs that I found over the weekend. One of them was Marsha (black Lab mix). She looked like she has puppies but I've never seen them, until today. She has at least one puppy (white, 6-7 weeks old). I think it's a girl.

Jan 14, 2008

Can someone help this mom and her 4 puppies?

They are near Humacao Airport. I just took pictures of the mom and 3 of the puppies with my cellphone's camera--the other one is white with black spots and semi-long hair. The mom is very nice and sweet.

Another pup

This one is apparently the sibling of the other two female puppies. It's male.

Jan 13, 2008

New pups

These 3 pups are in the beach now. The 2 black/white girls are siblings and they are around 3 months old. The Chow/Rottweiler mix is around 4-5 months old. All of them are verey sweet.

New dogs over the weekend

Jan 8, 2008


This beautiful puppy is new at the beach and need sponsors.

Jan 4, 2008

My dog Luke

I had to take my own dog Luke to the vet because he was suffering from arthritis in his back legs. He is 13 years old. I've never thought of him as "old" because he's always running and playing. But taking him to the vet made me realize he "is" old. He has a little murmur in the heart too. Fortunately he's better now and running again.

Jan 1, 2008

Dogs at the balneario/hotels area

On new year: here's Byron, Sherlock (Rebeka's companion), the Rottweiler from the other day, a Golden Retriever with a collar and a black dog. All of them were taking a nap in front of an abandoned bar at the hotels area. I hate when they go to that particular area.

If Sherlock is there I wonder where Rebeka is (she was pregnant). The last time i saw them was 2 weeks ago on the raod near the beach.

The Rottweiler was at the beach too some days ago and I haven't seen him until today. He's very gentle and his coat is beautiful.

All of these dogs are very nice. If someone wants to rescue them, please go ahead. They are big males, so help is needed if you want to take them.

I saw another smaller dog (Chihuahua) but i could take pictures of him.