Jan 1, 2008

Dogs at the balneario/hotels area

On new year: here's Byron, Sherlock (Rebeka's companion), the Rottweiler from the other day, a Golden Retriever with a collar and a black dog. All of them were taking a nap in front of an abandoned bar at the hotels area. I hate when they go to that particular area.

If Sherlock is there I wonder where Rebeka is (she was pregnant). The last time i saw them was 2 weeks ago on the raod near the beach.

The Rottweiler was at the beach too some days ago and I haven't seen him until today. He's very gentle and his coat is beautiful.

All of these dogs are very nice. If someone wants to rescue them, please go ahead. They are big males, so help is needed if you want to take them.

I saw another smaller dog (Chihuahua) but i could take pictures of him.

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