Feb 28, 2008


Natsumi and Kerr's puppies and Vanessa's 3 puppies are now safe. It was a little dificult to catch Kerr's pups--you have no idea what I had to do to get them! The black/white puppy is a male and looks exaclty like Kerr. The brown/white puppy is a female--I thought she was darker but she looks like Kerr too. Both puppies are going to get big! To get Vanessa's puppies was easy, but it broke my heart to leave her there. She jumped into my car and I tried to trap her there, but she just jumped out.

Feb 27, 2008


I found Vanessa's puppies at last! There are only 3: one male and two females. They were born on January 21 (5 weeks old). I already dewormed them. All I need now is someone to help me catch their mom and her sister Joanne.

I saw Terri (Bruce and Darlene's daughter) today and she obviously gave birth, i just need to know where.

Feb 26, 2008


Ruby has been at the beach since summer of 2006. She had 2 litters of puppies in all that time. The first 3 puppies of the first litter (2006) were fortunate enough to be adopted. The 3 puppies of the second litter (2007) apparently died.

After that we could catched her to be spayed. She was always skittish, but has always received me wagging her tail everytime she saw me. Last week she was apparently hit by a car and disappeared for several days until I found her this weekend. I took her to the vet yesterday but we found out that her spine was shattered. There wasn't any progress and she was euthanized today. I'm going to miss her.

Another new dog

This female dog is really sweet and friendly. It looks like she had puppies recently and she's emaciated. I still haven't seen puppies that could be hers but there's a possibility that the person that abandoned her would have kept the puppies. I'll keep looking. I think i'll call her Stephanie.

In the other hand, Vanessa is behaving like she doesn't have puppies anymore. She's spending most of he time with her sister Joanne and not in the area where the puppies are supposed to be. I want to take them off the beach as soon as possible but i need to know if they still have puppies to take them too.

Feb 21, 2008


It’s been a while since the last time I took out my telescope. I even forgot how to use it (align it with the sky motion and all that stuff)! You don’t really need a telescope to watch a lunar eclipse but you can have fun watching Luna’s craters and maria, planets, nebulae, clusters…etc. Unforunately my Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope only has one 26mm Plossl lens and a x2 Barlow lens, so I couldn’t see Saturn--right there beside the eclipsing moon--as I wanted.

Feb 19, 2008


The lunar eclipse will be on February 20/21 and it will start at 8:36pm and will end at 1:09am. Totality will be reached at 11:01pm. The moon will be close to the constellation of Leo and the planet Saturn.


Murray was rescued today. At first I thought it was a new dog because he looked different, but it was Dennis! He was in the beach for a couple of days and then he disappeared the same day as the the others that are still missing. I didn't recognize him because apparently other dog attacked him and he was dirty, but it's him. Now his name will be Murray because of the school that will sponsor him. He's young, sweet and playful.

Feb 15, 2008

Kerr's puppies?

I saw Natsumi's puppies for the first time today. They are at least 2 of them and I think they are around 4 weeks old. They are little copies of Kerr or so it seems. They could be Kieran's too, because some of Kieran's siblings were of that colors too.

Feb 14, 2008

Global warming

This structure used to be a bar a few months ago in Playa Lucia, Yabucoa until the ocean made it split in two.

Feb 11, 2008

Feb 9, 2008

Nightmare on the beach

No, it's not a movie, it's the real thing (Freddy, just crawl away and weep!) I'm sad, frustrated and angry because some of the dogs in our rescue list were taken away by employees of the Municipality of Yabucoa. It's not just the fact that we love them, but we have invested time and money to get them healthy--and suddenly something like this happens. Several rescue groups were working on getting help from the Municipality of Yabucoa, Tourism Company and the Hoteliers Association (sorry, I forgot the real name), so the process of savings pets would be better for all of us--but they weren't faithful to their own word. They agreed in a meeting last December not just to sweep dogs off the beaches, they compromised themselves to work with rescue groups for the well-being of the abandoned pets and to work on education and survaillance to prevent this cruel practice of pet-dumping. But what they did instead? They took the dogs without counting with any rescue group and all was done in secrecy! That, for me is a total betrayal. You can't trust them--they have no word at all. The only things that matter to them are appearances and money.
How could they say they have formed an animal welfare commitee? I don't see any "welfare" and no animal rescue groups participation, as they said there will be.
(pictures: Roxanne, Baily & Ted)

Feb 5, 2008

Beach blues

I saw Rebeka today. She disappeared more than 6 weeks ago from the beach and she obviously gave birth. Her puppies must be around 6-8 weeks old, but i don't know where they are hiding. Vanessa's puppies are now 2 weeks old. There are now 4 instead of 6. There's a possibility that someone has taken them--i don't know why people does this, especially if they don't have the time to feed them every 2 hours, deworm them after 2 weeks old and vaccinate them after 6 weeks old... They don't have any idea how to do any of this!
Kristy seems to have puppies too. I haven't seen them exactly, but they may be 3 or 4.

One of these two girls--Lynne or Natsumi, or both--had puppies near the road. Lynne was pregnant several weeks ago and she suddenly disappeared, I haven't seen her since then. On the other hand, I wasn't aware that Natsumi was pregnant, but she is the one I'm seeing near the road where i heard noices of newborn puppies. I haven't seen them, but they appeared to be inside a cave made out of roots and vegetation at the side of the road. This is Kerr's new spot too. He was missing for several weeks along with Kieran, and he returned recently, but without Kieran.

And i think Terri (not in pictures)--Darlene and Bruce's daughter--may be pregnant too.

I haven't seen Kaly and her puppies for quite some time. Used to be 4, but last time i was seeing only 3.

Feb 3, 2008

Raining cats...

I found out today that Katrina had her kittens--or at least most of them. She still seems a little pregnant to me, though. So she may have more. So far I counted 7 (6 gray and 1 orange). Katrina seems to be a pure-bred Ocicat or Egyptian Mau.

Raining dogs...

The two female pups were on the road to the beach and the white one (i still don't now if it's male or female--but maybe female) was near the entrance. The white dog is still scared but the pups are very sweet and friendly.

Feb 2, 2008


This nice kitty has been at the beach for several days and she's pregnant. She's been hiding inside a structure near the boathouse. But it's dangerous for her to stay there because of all the dogs in the area, specially if she gives birth.