Feb 5, 2008

Beach blues

I saw Rebeka today. She disappeared more than 6 weeks ago from the beach and she obviously gave birth. Her puppies must be around 6-8 weeks old, but i don't know where they are hiding. Vanessa's puppies are now 2 weeks old. There are now 4 instead of 6. There's a possibility that someone has taken them--i don't know why people does this, especially if they don't have the time to feed them every 2 hours, deworm them after 2 weeks old and vaccinate them after 6 weeks old... They don't have any idea how to do any of this!
Kristy seems to have puppies too. I haven't seen them exactly, but they may be 3 or 4.

One of these two girls--Lynne or Natsumi, or both--had puppies near the road. Lynne was pregnant several weeks ago and she suddenly disappeared, I haven't seen her since then. On the other hand, I wasn't aware that Natsumi was pregnant, but she is the one I'm seeing near the road where i heard noices of newborn puppies. I haven't seen them, but they appeared to be inside a cave made out of roots and vegetation at the side of the road. This is Kerr's new spot too. He was missing for several weeks along with Kieran, and he returned recently, but without Kieran.

And i think Terri (not in pictures)--Darlene and Bruce's daughter--may be pregnant too.

I haven't seen Kaly and her puppies for quite some time. Used to be 4, but last time i was seeing only 3.

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