Feb 9, 2008

Nightmare on the beach

No, it's not a movie, it's the real thing (Freddy, just crawl away and weep!) I'm sad, frustrated and angry because some of the dogs in our rescue list were taken away by employees of the Municipality of Yabucoa. It's not just the fact that we love them, but we have invested time and money to get them healthy--and suddenly something like this happens. Several rescue groups were working on getting help from the Municipality of Yabucoa, Tourism Company and the Hoteliers Association (sorry, I forgot the real name), so the process of savings pets would be better for all of us--but they weren't faithful to their own word. They agreed in a meeting last December not just to sweep dogs off the beaches, they compromised themselves to work with rescue groups for the well-being of the abandoned pets and to work on education and survaillance to prevent this cruel practice of pet-dumping. But what they did instead? They took the dogs without counting with any rescue group and all was done in secrecy! That, for me is a total betrayal. You can't trust them--they have no word at all. The only things that matter to them are appearances and money.
How could they say they have formed an animal welfare commitee? I don't see any "welfare" and no animal rescue groups participation, as they said there will be.
(pictures: Roxanne, Baily & Ted)


villaorleanspr said...

What did they do with the dogs?

Sandra said...

They were taken to be euthanized. Although there are several dogs still missing, we were able to rescue 3 of them: Roxanne, Charlie & Keiser. We went to the shelter to check and the others were not there and all of them disappered the same day, so it's kind of strange that we haven't found them yet.

Anonymous said...

Have you been able to locate any of the other missing dogs yet?

Sandra said...

No, they just disappeard the same day as the others and we still don't know what happened to them. That's weird.

Anonymous said...

Es triste que existan personas que no tengan ninguna compasion por los animales. Pero por otro lado hay muchos, como ustedes, que si se preocupan por ellos y estan dando catedra de lo que es ser compasivo. Los felicito por su labor y espero que este acto de maldad no los desanime. Todos los animalitos que ustedes han salvado se los agradecen, porque a diferencia de algunas "personas", los animalitos si son agradecidos.
Suerte y gracias