Mar 19, 2008


This Lab mix girl is very sweet. She's not even a year old and I hope to get her out of the beach soon. The problem is that the vets are full this week and the few foster homes we have are not taking dogs this week either. If someone can foster her or any other dog that would be most appreciated.
It is frustrating because every now and then I get to see the pick-up truck that comes to take dogs and treat them like pests. And seeing the truck full of dogs and knowing they are going to be dead soon is painful. People are still abandoning their pets despite the beach sweeps and the never ending nightmare continues.
Last December the Hotel and Tourism Board formed an "animal welfare commitee" (don't make me laugh...) supposedly in cooperation with animals rights activists and rescuers--but all ended in the municipalities conducting dog sweeps. The mayor of Yabucoa said in a couple radio shows that he never heard from any rescue group in 2 years--which is totally NOT TRUE--and decided to go ahead with the Hotel and Tourism Board "proposal". The Board were having meetings of their own with government agencies, including the municipalities and without counting on any animal rescue group as they said they will--apparently they said they don't need them. They said they were going to concentrate on education and surveillance and none of that is happening. In summary, they are not doing anything new: people continue abandoning their pets and going unpunished while punishing the real victims. This sudden and weird interest in animal welfare coming from the Hotel and Tourism Board and the municipalities was just an act. They are just acting like they care just because they were losing money, in reality nothing changed.

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