Mar 12, 2008


On Feb 29 one of my neighbors told me that a cat gave birth to 5 kittens that week in their backyard but their dog killed 2 of them. They put the remaining 3 in a box and put them across he street hoping the mom will take them to another place. It started to rain and i put the box under my vehicle. The mom found them before 4am and took only 2 of them. The third one, a male (black /white) was left alone and I was still hoping the mom would come for him, but at 6am i found the kitten dead not very far from the box. Apparently a cat (maybe his own mom) attacked him--maybe he smelled like humans, i don't know.

After that, I didn't know anything about them except that the mom was nearby and I kept leaving some food for her--until yesterday (Mar 11). I was feeding my dog at 4pm when I heard the kittens from one of the neighbors' backyards or between backyards. I waited until the owners arrived after 7pm. We found 2 kittens between 2 parallel walls, no sign of their mom. I tried to call them and they got close several times, but for some reason they kept going back. The second neighbor had a PVC pipe and a trimmer cable and made a catch pole, then we tried calling them again and that's how we could catch them. It took us an hour and a half to get them. They are 2 males of around 2-3 weeks old.

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