Apr 2, 2008

New dog needs help

This dog has been at the beach for at least a week and a half, but he never got close to me until today. I noticed that he has a huge tumor coming out of his left side that reach the genital area and he has no testicles either. It's either a tumor or someome shot him or wounded and that may be his intestines coming out of the wound. When i saw him for the first time I saw something reddish at his side but I couldn't distinguish what was it. That means he has been at the beach all this time like that, and that obviously bothers him to walk. He is nice and friendly.


Sandra said...

We called this dog, Phoenix. He is in the vet now but we still don't know if he will survived.

Dogpatch Primitives said...

I hope this poor fella survived, but I'm so grateful that he was takne in to not linger in pain.

thank you!


Sandra said...

Unfortunately Phoenix died some time after taking him to the vet. He seemed to be ok, but the tumor was cancerous and too aggressive and was not responding to treatment.