Apr 28, 2008

New dogs

There are 5 new dogs at the beach and just in a weekend. One of them is Jenny, a super-sweet and friendly young Jack Russell mix.


Rob and Lydia said...

Hello Sandra!

First of all, thank you for what you do for the animals. Thank you for your compassion. It inspires hope for these little ones. We have brought back 3 dogs from different islands and they are wonderful pets. It inspired us to create a blog with their stories of hope.


Once again thank you, you inspire us and it is good to know there are wonderful people like you who care. Muchas gracias por todo lo que haces.
Rob and Lydia from Canada

Rob and Lydia said...


This is the story of a stray dog we found two years ago and brought back with us to Canada. If you hesitate to rescue a dog, please watch his wonderful story. He is the most wonderful little sweetie one can wish for.
Thanks! Rob and Lydia from Canada

Sandra said...

Jenny was taken to the vet and she's all right.