May 31, 2008

New dogs

I saw this young female pup today for the first time. She's very sweet but still shy.

This one is an adult male. I'm not sure if I have seen him before.

May 28, 2008

May 27, 2008

May 23, 2008

Dogs and cats for adoption


We have more cats too. Like William, Harry, Hamlet, Katrina, Bella, Katrina's and Bella's kittens.

May 22, 2008

True concern about animals or just panic of losing money?

Some government agencies and the Tourism Company have been in panic since the Barceloneta incident and they just want to get rid of the stray dogs and cats--and all because of money not because they really care. Tourism is losing money because of that incident and all they came up with is total extermination. Killing animals to get them out of the way so tourists don't see them doesn't mean that all of the abandonment and abuse issues have been resolved--they are just trying to create an illusion for the visitors. If they don't address the real problem (people) this will never end. We'll have massacre after massacre.

May 20, 2008

Nadja & her puppies

These are the ones that I didn't found yesterday. Nadja is very sweet and her puppies are still small. She seems to be a lab/doberman mix. The black puppy has a wound in one of her beck legs. The pupppies are around 5-6 weeks old, both females.

May 19, 2008


Bradley: male terrier mix, around 3 years old, small and very sweet. He was walking near the Shell plant gates, looking disoriented, like he was lookig for something. His coat was tangled with sticky seeds of some sort of grass.
I was told that there were another new dog with a puppy but I didn't see them.

May 18, 2008


I recently heard that the State Office for the Animal Control (OECA in spanish) wants to keep citizens from feeding stray animals and they are trynig to make it legally. Are they saying that they want to punish the few people that are trying to make something good while pet dumpers keep getting away with it with no punishment at all? Can someone explain to me why OECA considers feeding the animals and giving them medications such a threat that they want to prohibit it??? Do you realize how stupid that is? Aren't starving animals to death and deny them medical care already against the law? Why they don't push to have the animal protection law ENFORCED instead, so people stop abandoning their pets in he first place? Why they are not punishing this people?

May 15, 2008

Kristy's puppies

These are Kristy's puppies, another member of the Wild Pack that we couldn't catch. They are around 4 months old and they are big. There are 3 black/white and 1 black. I couldn't take a picute of one of them. I tried to take them when they were little but they don't want anything to do with humans.

Kaly's pups

I've seen Kaly and her pups recently. The pups must be around 6 months now. It used to be 4 of them but now there are only 2. Kaly was pregnant again and apparently she gave birth these days--but no sign of puppies yet. Kaly belongs to the Wild Pack and we could never catch her to be spayed.

May 11, 2008

Mia & Maia

Mia and Maia were found today at the end of the beach. They weight less than 8 pounds and I guess they are around 2 months old. Unfortunately the number of abandoned pets is increasing on weekends--especially on weekends with holidays--but they usually adults, not puppies. Nonetheless, we still have some puppies every now and then. What's wrong with people?

May 9, 2008

The lab in my backyard

Some time ago I bought the March issue of National Geographic magazine because there were an article that caught my attention: Animal Minds. I haven’t had the chance to read it until recently. Very interesting. Some scientists say animals are intelligent and there are some that still insist they don’t and that they don’t even have a language. I beg to differ. I think they may have languages, it's just that we--arrogant humans--don't know what they are talking about and we are unable to admit it. They may have languages but you can't see it in a human context because you're just beeing subjective--that's not fair and definitively not scientific at all.

I used to have a cat named Katya, and my dog Luke and her used to be best friends despite being from different species. They even hunted rats and iguanas together—not that Katya needed any help, but it was funny looking at them working together. I like to observe animals and they do many amazing things that suggest they are thinking, coordinating, planning, plotting, deceiving... and why not, talking. They know what they need to know, what is relevant to them not to us. Some people may say "but animals don't make buildings, cars or write poems..."--what do they think they need that for? It's us who need those things and we can build them, so we do.

I have observed Luke and Katya many times. When Katya was with us, Luke was 11 years old (now 13) and he spent most of the time sleeping. I noticed that everytime the neighbor’s dogs spotted Katya they started to bark crazily, but Luke kept sleeping without paying any attention. But when the dogs barked at a strange cat, Luke instantly woke up and started to bark like crazy too. How did he know it was a strange cat when he was not even looking at it and not Katya? What kind of information these dogs were transmitting to Luke? Were they describing what they were seeing?

To me the barking was the same, but Luke reacted differently. He kept sleeping when it was Katya the other dogs were barking at—his attitude was like “it’s just Katya, let me sleep!”, but when it was another cat or dog he adopted the “you, stranger—go away!” stance. This is a possible translation based on my own observations, anyway. You may think it has something to do with the sense of smell--but Luke is an old dog, his sense of smell is not good, really.

May 7, 2008


I saw Rex for the firt time last december at the beach, then he disappeared and then I saw him on new year; then he disappeared again and I saw him once or twice after that. I haven't seen him for some time until today. Too sweet for a Rotweiler. Liz, Shanti, their friends and me took him to the vet.