May 22, 2008

True concern about animals or just panic of losing money?

Some government agencies and the Tourism Company have been in panic since the Barceloneta incident and they just want to get rid of the stray dogs and cats--and all because of money not because they really care. Tourism is losing money because of that incident and all they came up with is total extermination. Killing animals to get them out of the way so tourists don't see them doesn't mean that all of the abandonment and abuse issues have been resolved--they are just trying to create an illusion for the visitors. If they don't address the real problem (people) this will never end. We'll have massacre after massacre.


peggytrevino said...

Thank you, Thank you. My prayers are with you. I wish I was in a position to come there and help but due to finacial constraints that will not be feasible. PLease let me know what I can do.

Sandra said...

There are some vets that donate meds, usually about to expire but we can use them.