Jun 30, 2008


I just found out that there is a second puppy with Maggie and Jade. I assume it's Jade's sibling. She's a little bigger in size but same age. I named her Jodie. All 3 of them are close to the border where small boats dock and they can fall into the ocean from there (the border is around 8 feet high). I don't know how to keep them away from there. I also saw this one today for the first time. She's young--maybe 8 months old--and she's obviously new too. I just hate summers for this! Most dogs are abandoned during the summer and I still don't see any efforts from ANY municipality to stop this. They just want to take them out of sight, that's all--and people keep getting away with it. They still don't understand that they have to prevent this kind of thing from the beginning--with more survaeillance they sure will catch a couple of pet dumpers to set an example, for starters. People know this is wrong, but they do it anyway because there's no one to stop them.


I just saw this puppy today but I think she's Maggie's puppy. So that means she must have been there the last few days. She must be almost 2 months old and she's very small. She's still at the beach with her mom but she's obviously not safe there. Is anyone interested in sponsoring her?

Jun 29, 2008

Jun 27, 2008


Summer is here and unfortunately that probably means more abandoned dogs, especially over the weekends. There were 2 more on friday: an emaciated Pitbull and a Cocker Spaniel. Fortunaly for the Cocker Spaniel, a guy that was cleaning the beach decided to keep him.
And there is a new small female today (saturday). I called her Maggie. She's a young adult and it seems that she gave birth at least once. She's in the same area with Ellie.

Jun 23, 2008


Rosalie--obviously Natalie's sibling, around 5 weeks old. She's almost exactlty as Natalie but slightly bigger. They seem to be shepherd mix. Anyone interested in sponsoring/adopting them?

Jun 20, 2008

Update on Dennisse, Vicky & Ellie

Today I took Dennisse and Vicky to the vet and I really tried to get Ellie too, who got a fishing hook stuck in her lip. I wanted to at least take it out but she was scared and I couldn't catch her.

Jun 18, 2008


She's only 5 weeks old. Someone said they saw a mom with 3 puppies near the road, but I just find her.

Jun 16, 2008

Meet Alyssa

She's a young adult female and looks like she gave birth in the past few months; she's brindled and white, medium. Absolutely sweet. She's a friend of Hans now.

Jun 14, 2008

We need sponsors

We urgently need sponsors to take care of our rescues and responsible people to adopt them. Everyone can sponsor--companies, schools, groups, individuals... etc. Our dogs Rex, Bradley, Nadja, Alanis, Alexis, Gretel, Mia, Maia and Drake in foster care in PR and most of them are ready for adoption. And Jake, Kelly, Laila and others are ready for adoption in Florida. We have cats too: Katrina & her kittens, Bella & her kittens, William, Harry and Hamlet--and there are many others that need a home. And there are others like Hans, Dennisse, Vicky and Ellie waiting to be rescued. Please contact Ginny Cornett (ginnycornett@yahoo.com).

Jun 10, 2008

Help to rescue these young dogs

[Dennisse, Vicky, Ellie and Hans]
We need sponsors to get them out of the beach.

GG is up for adoption in the Chicago area

Jun 8, 2008

They just don't learn...

I just read a letter from the Department of Health to the National Park Service. They are trying to justify the extermination of the Old San Juan cats, but they are saying a few things that doesn’t make any sense. First, they had the nerve to refer to the situation as “the situation that the cats have created” when in fact cats are not creating anything—people are. They said that the population of stray cats has increased because of the spayed/neutered cats were released—since when spayed/neutered cats have the capacity to “increased” the population? They said that the cats attack people—I’ve been there, and in fact the cats just hide from people unless a tourist offers them some food. Most people that live in San Juan prefer the presence of the cats mainly because they control the rat population. They don't think the government will do anything to address the rat problem if the cats are removed. And most people agree that the cats add a charming atraction to the place and visitors enjoy that.

If they are spayed/neutered and vaccinated, what’s the problem? Cats usually do their “business” where they are able to cover them and frankly I’ve seen more excrement on the the city streets that belongs to the homeless people that live there than from animals. These agencies are all set to eliminate every animal on the streets but they are not doing anything to prevent people from throwing their pets into the streets. Really, “denial” is not just a river in Africa. When they acknowledge that some people's attitude IS the real problem and if they are capable of dealing with that, everything will be ok.

I suspect that everything is rooted in the Tourism Company’s hysteria. The fools are still thinking that if visitors don’t see stray animals is because everything is under control and we don’t have any problem—yeah, right…

Jun 5, 2008

More new dogs


Beside Vicky and Sam from a few days ago, now we have Hans, Dennisse and Ellie. Hans is a young black lab, less than a year old; very sweet. Dennisse and Vicky are really sweet young pups, maybe less than 7 months old and they seem to be a little scared of people. Ellie is young but could be pregnnt. Sam is an adult.

Some government agencies want to legally punish people for feeding stray dogs and cats--but why they don't care to do something about the people that keep throwing their pets into the streets? Everyone knows that these agencies are promoting this nonsense because they are still panicking about losing tourism money after the Barceloneta incident. They want to wipe out all dogs and cats from the streets so visitors won't see them, not because they care about the well-being of these animals. If visitors don'tsee them, they will falsely believe the problem is solved. The real problem here is "people".

Jun 2, 2008

National Dog Day

The National dog day was celebrated in San Juan last Sunday.