Jun 5, 2008

More new dogs


Beside Vicky and Sam from a few days ago, now we have Hans, Dennisse and Ellie. Hans is a young black lab, less than a year old; very sweet. Dennisse and Vicky are really sweet young pups, maybe less than 7 months old and they seem to be a little scared of people. Ellie is young but could be pregnnt. Sam is an adult.

Some government agencies want to legally punish people for feeding stray dogs and cats--but why they don't care to do something about the people that keep throwing their pets into the streets? Everyone knows that these agencies are promoting this nonsense because they are still panicking about losing tourism money after the Barceloneta incident. They want to wipe out all dogs and cats from the streets so visitors won't see them, not because they care about the well-being of these animals. If visitors don'tsee them, they will falsely believe the problem is solved. The real problem here is "people".

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Anonymous said...

Thank you to people like you that feed these lovely animals. I am from Puerto rico but live in the States and I refuse to go back tot he island. I am ashamed of the way in which the people just think animals are disposable and just abandon them in the streets and the beach.
Again thank you for what you do. God Bless You. Que dios te bendiga.