Jul 24, 2008

Jul 23, 2008

Sophie's secret

I saw Sophie for the first time last week. At first I thought she could be Lexie's mom (the reddish brown puppy from the other day), but today I followed her and--there they were: 4 black puppies (2 boys/2 girls) of around 5 weeks old.

Jul 20, 2008

And more...

I think this two were abandoned today: a young female and a puppy. The puppy has purple nail polish in her paws--maybe this two were a little girl's pets. Weeks with holidays, like this one, are the worse and I find several abandoned dogs.

I didn't see the puppy from yesterday.

Jul 19, 2008

More animals...

There's this cute puppy of around 7 weeks (she looks like Jade, but smaller) and a female dog that could be her mother but they are in different places. I saw this young horse at the side of the road too.

Jul 15, 2008


I found this female today and she looks like she has given birth recently. She's a medium dog, 30 pounds maybe but she seems to be underweight. She's very nice.

Help needed

The dogs that were spayed/neutered recently are all adoptable. We need your help to pay the vet bills and their relocation. We have Darcy, Dennis, Brigitte, Ellie, Maggie, Alyssa, Kerr, Bonnie, Dot and another 4 lab pups in the vets in Humacao and the metro area. Ellie, Maggie, Alyssa and Dot are ready for adoption.

Jul 14, 2008


Little Jade died of leptospirosis last wednesday.

Jul 13, 2008

Foster homes needed

We need foster homes for Darcy, Dennis, Brigitte, Ellie, Maggie, Alyssa, Bonnie and Dot. Especially for the puppies (Darcy, Dennis & Brigitte). Any help concerning their care will be most appreciated.

[Dennis, Darcy, Brigitte, Ellie, Maggie, Alyssa, Bonnie & Dot]

At some point we'll going to need foster homes for Kerr and Stephanie.

Spay/Neuter day

We got Kerr, Ellie, Maggie, Bonnie, Alyssa, Brigitte, Dot and Butter Nutter and 4 lab puppies. All of them along with Darcy and Dennis will need foster homes this week. Kerr is heartworm possitive and he will need treatment for some time. Stephanie couldn't be taken but she's on antibiotics and she could not be spayed until she's better from her respiratory infection.

Jul 10, 2008

More pictures of Darcy and Dennis


Apparently someone took Davey, their sibling.


Jul 8, 2008

New babies

Darcy, Dennis and Davey: Two boys and a girl Probably shepherd mix, around 2 months old. Very skinny and anemic.

Bonnie & Clyde