Jul 8, 2008

New babies

Darcy, Dennis and Davey: Two boys and a girl Probably shepherd mix, around 2 months old. Very skinny and anemic.


Spot's Mom said...

I just found the Island Dog website and the link to this blog. All the animals are so beautiful. Thank you for taking care of them!

Spot's Mom said...

Not sure where else to put this...but I cannot view any photos of the dogs that are still at the beach. The only link that works for me is the first one with all the dogs (but no names). Are the photos no longer available?

Sandra said...

Sorry, I forgot to add some pictures. But from the first link (with no names)there are Harly, Kaly, Kristy, Danya, Darlene, Dana,Terri (disappeared), Natsumi, Byron, Kaly's pups (Kathy & Kari), a puppy with no name, Rebeka, Max, Tammy, Milton, Connie, Duncan, Tom, Rachel, Wyatt, Stephanie, Kerr, a female with no name (she disappeared, Gina, Joanne, Vanessa Tobby, Beverly, Kristy's pup, Kristy's pup 2, Kristy's pup 3, Vicky, Sam, Hans, Ellie and Denise.