Aug 31, 2008

New arrivals on Labor day weekend...

There are 2 set of siblings--all of them females. All of them sweet.

Sophie's pups: Jamie, Jazz & Jan

Look how big they are! Now they are a little more than 2 months old. This pictures were taken the day they went to their foster homes. Jaina is not there because she got sick the day before and she's still at the vet.

Aug 30, 2008


Thanks to all who have donated milk, collars, gloves, syringes... etc.

Aug 27, 2008

Another picture of the puppies

I named them Kiefer, Karyn and Kieran.

Aug 26, 2008

New pictures of Yadira's puppies

The puppies are now 3 weeks old.

Aug 25, 2008

Got milk?

If someone can donate milk replacement for puppies it would be most appreciated.

Aug 21, 2008

Sad news

Yadira is dead. I saw her body in the middle of a road near town this morning on my way to the beach. I feel so bad! Last time I saw her was yesterday morning and she was following my car along Sophie and Bobby on my way out of the beach, but they usually stay there.

Her 3 little puppies are all right.

Aug 19, 2008

Yadira's puppies

The 3 puppies are safe for now but they will need another foster home once they eat by themselves. We need foster homes too for Sophie's 4 puppies, now 7-8 weeks old and for Shilah who was apparently hit by a car.

Aug 17, 2008

Yadira and her puppies

Yadira is a small shy dog, she must be 3 years old. She is mangy and has an old scar--probably from a tight chain or rope. And she was abandoned this weekend with 3 puppies--a little more than a week old, maybe 2.
Yadira is very sweet but somehow she doesn't seem to be too interested in the puppies and she doesn't seem to have much milk either. I had to bottle-fed the puppies this morning because they were very hungry.

Aug 13, 2008


Today I found Roy with 2 fishing hooks: one through his paw and one through the corner of his mouth. Luckily we could take them out.

Aug 12, 2008


Thanks to Katie, Laurie, Aileen and all the people who have donated stuff and medicines for our dogs and cats.

Crime without punishment

This morning I was feeding Dana and Harley's pack when I saw a small dog--Chihuahua mix--following a car that came from the boathouse. The car was speeding away as the little dog tried to catch up with it. I ran to my car to get the camera and ran after the car and took this pictures. I accidentally hit the switch to compensate for dark areas and that's why the pictures are kind of bright. It is possible that the man saw me, took the dog and abandoned him in another place because I couldn't find the dog. But I'll keep looking, just in case. I've never seen this dog before and s/he seemed desperate to reach that car. This is the classic way in which dogs are abandoned here.
Unfortunately I can't read the plate. This seems to be a an old black or dark gray Mazda, i think.

Aug 10, 2008

Foster homes needed

Sophie's 4 puppies needs to be in a safe place. They are only 6 weeks old.
Shilah is wounded--probably hit by a car. She need a place to get better.
Gina is pregnant or already gave birth. She needs a safe place to care for her pups.
Kerr needs a foster home by August 14. He's being treated for heartworm.
Money is needed to pay some vet bills too, so if you can get your co-workers, company or school to cooperate, that will be most appreciated.

Aug 8, 2008

More new dogs


There's a young Golden Retriever (female), an adult black Ladrador (male) and 2 young black Labrador pups (boy and girl) of around 6 months. The golden Retriever and the Lab pups are especially sweet. There's another Golden Retriever mix and on the road there are 2 more mixed breed dogs.

Aug 5, 2008

Help urgently needed

Jamie, Jaina, Jan & Jazz
Sophie's 4 puppies, now 6 week old, and they need to be in a safe place away from rats and curious people that would take them now and abandon them later again when they get bigger.


Shilah need vet care. Apparently she was hit by a car and although she look better in general she has two serious wounds that keep getting dirty and infected (one at her side and one in her inner back tigh). I'm doing the best i can to prevent the infection of getting worse, but she will need to get to a vet as soon as possible.


Gina used to be at the beach a couple of months ago and now she's in another location. She is very pregnant and she can give birth anytime soon. She's in a parking lot of a store and if she has her puppies around cars coming and going and no real place to hide her puppies, that will not be good.

The real bad news is that I can't take them to the vet without money to pay their treatment and without foster homes to take them after that. If you can help them in any way, please do!

Aug 2, 2008

Recent arrivals