Aug 12, 2008

Crime without punishment

This morning I was feeding Dana and Harley's pack when I saw a small dog--Chihuahua mix--following a car that came from the boathouse. The car was speeding away as the little dog tried to catch up with it. I ran to my car to get the camera and ran after the car and took this pictures. I accidentally hit the switch to compensate for dark areas and that's why the pictures are kind of bright. It is possible that the man saw me, took the dog and abandoned him in another place because I couldn't find the dog. But I'll keep looking, just in case. I've never seen this dog before and s/he seemed desperate to reach that car. This is the classic way in which dogs are abandoned here.
Unfortunately I can't read the plate. This seems to be a an old black or dark gray Mazda, i think.


Kimberly said...

Ugh...This is heart wrenching to see in photos let alone observe first hand Sandra. I do hope you find this little guy. You are my hero for doing angels work.

Anonymous said...

That is the saddest scene!! I hope to god you find that little doggie and place her in a home that will love and cherish her for the little pooch s/he is.