Aug 5, 2008

Help urgently needed

Jamie, Jaina, Jan & Jazz
Sophie's 4 puppies, now 6 week old, and they need to be in a safe place away from rats and curious people that would take them now and abandon them later again when they get bigger.


Shilah need vet care. Apparently she was hit by a car and although she look better in general she has two serious wounds that keep getting dirty and infected (one at her side and one in her inner back tigh). I'm doing the best i can to prevent the infection of getting worse, but she will need to get to a vet as soon as possible.


Gina used to be at the beach a couple of months ago and now she's in another location. She is very pregnant and she can give birth anytime soon. She's in a parking lot of a store and if she has her puppies around cars coming and going and no real place to hide her puppies, that will not be good.

The real bad news is that I can't take them to the vet without money to pay their treatment and without foster homes to take them after that. If you can help them in any way, please do!

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Alicia S.G. (Spot's Mom) said...

Gina's face breaks my heart. Is she as sweet as she looks?