Sep 21, 2008

A rainy day


It's been raining almost continously since last night and we have some floodings but I had things to do... Today I went to the store to get some dandruff shampoo for the puppies. They have something on the skin that seem to be improving with triple antibiotic. The vet told me it's not mange. Yolanda--another rescuer--told me that I can use Selsum Blue and that's what I got. In the parking lot I saw Gina--without puppies--with another cute young female.

I went to the beach and it was kind of a disaster. At the entrance I saw a dog that seemed to be dead but when I got close I noticed he was still alive--but barely. It wasn't one of the regulars at the beach... it was a young mangy chocolate Lab--less than a year old--that someone left to die there at the side of the road and under the heavy rain.

I didn't know if he was sick or poisoned, so I put the gloves on and I took him to a nearby guard booth and left him on some newspapers I got. There wasn't anything I could do but at least he will be warmer and not soaking under the rain in his last minutes. He looked like he was going to die anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

I do not know how there is anyone in this world that could abandon an animal in those conditions. They are heartless.
Sandra, this must be such an emotional roller coaster for you, I am so sorry that you have to see all this cruelty.
Once again, thank you so much for all you do for the animals.

denise said...

this makes me so angry that no one will be punished for causing the dog to look like that in the first place AND no one will be be held accountable to leaving him there to die. Sandra, you are an angel and i know that little one had a least one caring stroke from you.....i'm sobbing right now....thank you for being you!!!

these big celebrities need to find out what is going on and help this horrible situation....where are they??????????

Alison T. said...

I don't care if I have to spend the rest of my life doing atleast one thing each day to help improve this situation from NJ. This breaks my heart to no end. I can't imagine a human being (God's creature) doing these kinds of things to anotherone of God's creatures. The only answer I come up with is that these people are just so spiritually sick. Sandra, God bless you. Please keep going to the beach, along with the other volunteers.

Liz said...

Your statement about the celebrities, I agree with completely. I've been thinking the same thing for awhile now and wish I knew an easy way to reach out to them.
Sandra, you and the dogs that depend on you, are in my thoughts and prayers everyday.
Liz C
Hainesport, NJ

Anonymous said...

Re Celebrities - has anyone tried to get them involved?

Lately I've been seeing Tourism commercials with Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran (both baseball Players) promoting the island. Every time I see them I think how much good they will do if they help promote this effort.

Has anyone reach out to any celebritires for help? I hope that unlike the government there would be a celebrity or to that will not pretend to be deaf or blind to this problem.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you guys should put together an informative pamphlet describing the horrible conditions in PR, pictures, how to help, and materials you need and send them out to various celebrities via their publicists or even just a quick email with links to your sites. Pictures, especially the ones you post speak a 1000 words. Im sure one of them would love to donate. My suggestion would be to send them out to the well-known animal loving celebrities like Sharon Osborne, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, etc.

Alison T. said...

I've reached out to Cesar Milan (Dog Whisperer), Kelly Ripa (she's from my area - hoped she'd come to our fundraiser), Ellen DeGeneres (she has a huge animal event this coming weekend - $1,200 per ticket), NatGeo Channel (to do a special on this), Animal Planet (to bring an Animal Police Reality Show down there - like in Florida)and also I emailed Oprah. I wish I could reach Jennifer Lopez (a native of Puerto Rico).

Sandra said...

There's a group of local artists and reporters doing and excellent compaign and TV commercials. But maybe we need someone more international?

Alison T. said...

I've reached out to Cesar Milan (Dog Whisperer), Kelly Ripa (she's from my area, hoping she'd come to our fundraiser), Ellen DeGeneres (she's having a massive animal event this weekend - $1,200 per ticket), NatGeo (to do a special down there), Animal Planet (to take an Animal Police reality show down there - like in Florida), and Oprah (via email). No responses as of yet. I wish I could reach Jennifer Lopez (a native of Puerto Rico).

Alison T. said...

We need J. Lo!!!

Doesn't anyone know anyone that knows anyone that knows anyone that might know her? lol.

denise said...

wow, alison!!! way to go! i just emailed ellen degeneres today and added sandra's link. i hope her people actually read her emails and will do something quickly. let's keep it up and try to contact anyone/everyone we can think of that could help.....J.Lo would be great, but not sure if she's an animal lover????

Anonymous said...

How about if we put a letter together and a list of the people we want to reach - I could try to draft a letter(writing is not my forte) - and maybe I could get some input from you guys then we will run it by Ginny and get her blessing and we can start a mailing campaign to whomever will be willing to listen to us.

Alison T. said...

I have a really nice newsletter type of sheet that I made in Microsoft Publisher for my fundraiser here in Jersey. It came out really nice, good photos, and website addresses of Island Dog and Hands for Paws for them to go for details on exactly how to help. Sandra - I can email it to you if you want. Maybe we need to get a group email going....

Anonymous said...

Attached is a list of celebrities with links to the island that we may be able to tap. (Hey we could try)

Ivan Rodriguez
Tito Trinidad
Marc Anthony
Jennifer Lopez
Olga TaƱon
Tito Nieves
Manny Manuel
Elvis Crespo
Bernie Williams
Carlos Delgado
Carlos Beltran
Luis Fonsi
Ricky Martin
Chita Rivera
Don Omar
Daddy Yankee
Jimmy Smith
Jorge Posada
Tito Puente Jr
Audrey Puente
Miguel Coto

This is the letter I put together – (any comments/ corrections are greatly appreciated)

Its time to face this issue head on. Lets not turn our heads the other way and go with our busy lives. Stop for a second and take a quick look at all the “satos” roaming around the streets in the island. No they did not get there by themselves. No, they are not a nuisance. YES each one of them deserves the opportunity to be someone’s pet. A change is needed. We can’t let this go on. HELP US MAKE A CHANGE NOW. The solution lies in each one of us. We are all responsible for making this world a better place.

If dogs could speak, what would they say? They probably would want answers.
How could there be a place in which a massacre happens and nobody is found guilty?
Why do people treat them as disposable items and throw them away like garbage.

There is a group of people that care and is making a difference a dog at a time. With very little funds but an invincible spirit, Sandra and Ginny from Manos por Patas get up every morning and take action. One in the U.S. doing everything she can to raise funds and help place dogs in adoptable homes and the other one by going to the beach every day to feed, care and provide comfort to all the homeless dogs at Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico.

Every day brings new challenges, they do not know what they will encounter but they never give up. They have seen it all, dogs been abandoned, run over by cars, poisoned, etc. Yet, they never give up. You want to see it with your own eyes, check out their blogs at ________________ and _________________. Let me warn you the pictures that you will see there are not pretty, however they are the true reality of what is going on.

Get involved now please do not let this go on.
How you can help:
1. Help us promote this cause. Help us to get more people involved in making a difference.
2. Help promote this cause in schools – teach the children the proper way to treat an animal.
3. Help us find more foster homes are needed.
4. Money and food is needed.
5. Need to emphasize the importance of spaying and neutering our animals.
6. Next time you have a concert/ sports event/ conference please ask your followers to donate $1 toward this effort or whatever they can. All help is welcome it does not matter the size.

Hands for Paws needs your support. Just think how many Paws will be able to get help if we get our hands together towards this effort. TAKE ACTION.

Alison T. said...

Love it.
I think we should include websites on how to help and even names, addresses and phone numbers of Ginny and Katie (Island Dog Inc).

Anonymous said...

Allison - maybe between you and I we could finalize a letter, run it by Ginny and Sandra, attach your newsletter/brochure and send it out. My email is - Aileen

Anonymous said...

that looks great! and we'll have to add oprah......she is now somewhat involved in the 'puppy mill' world now, and we all know how much she loves dogs.....she would be an asset!!!