Oct 2, 2008

Shakira and her 7 puppies

There's a possibility to take Shakira and her puppies to a veterinary clinic but they urgently need sponsors for their boarding and vaccinations once they are ready for that.
On a closer look, Shakira's puppies seem to be older. The first time, I saw them at night and they looked kind of week, and I thought they could be close to 2 weeks old, but seeing them these days--they are kind of walking around, starting to play with each other and they seem to be interested in their mom's food--consistent with the age of 3 weeks. I think that's good, because they willbe ready for adoption sooner.


Anonymous said...

How much would it cost to sponsor all of the puppies? and Shakira will go with them?

Sandra said...

I'm not sure. It could be around $300 including deworming, vaccinations when they are ready and have Shakira spayed. The boarding is the difference--it could be more. To be sure ask Ginny (ginnycornett@yahoo.com).

Someone suggested to establish a goal, maybe like 2000 or 3000 so different people can donate.

Anonymous said...

Hol Sandra,
Te llamo luego

Anonymous said...

let's get the ball rolling and take care of shakira and her puppies!!!