Nov 25, 2008

Good news!

Ariadne, Artemis, Athena, Ares, Apollo, Alexander, Megan, Marley and Mikey are safe at the vet clinic. Most of them will fly to Chicago on saturday--except Megan, who will stay here in foster care until they potential family comes to meet her in December. Sandy and Helen took them to the vet today. Unfortunately I had something else to do in the afternoon and I couldn't see them leaving but I said goodbye in the morning. I missed them already! Here's what Sandy said:
"The kids (pups) are all doing great! Helen and I got to the beach around 2pm and pulled the back of the car up to the make-shift Puppy Room. They were all very excited to see us, but I'm sure not as excited as when they see you! I couldn't even get my feet over the metal gate without practically stepping on one of the puppies as they surrounded my feet like a bunch of ants as you well know. Two by two we put the six pack into the large kennel then put Meredith's three pups into the small kennel. All made the 35+ minute drive to the the doctors office without a peep. They did so well! I was so proud and so proud of the way you and Katie taking such good care of them. I called ahead to the doctors office when we were about 15 minutes away just to let them know to expect the large crowd. They were ready with open arms, thank goodness there was nobody in the office when we arrived! The six pack went first, we brought them in two by two and weighed each one, then took them into the exam room! Of course they couldn't wait to relieve themselves so by the time I got the last pup weighed the mop was out in full force. They looked so great with their new hair growing in so quick thanks to you and their Paramyte dip, your love, nurturing and medical care saved their lives! The doctor was so surprised to see that they were in such great shape..."
They like to play with everyone but, for example, the 6 pack tends to play in pairs--they have their favorite playmates: Artemis-Apollo, Ares-Athena & Ariadne-Alexander. The 3 Ms doesn't seem to have favorites. Jack is missing them too. He used to play with them, especially the 3 Ms, but sometimes he turned abusive--he has some fascination with Megan. I hope he gets rescue soon too--he's such a good pup.
I hope there are no more pups at the beach because temperature is already dropping lately to 60-something to 50-something at night.

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