Nov 22, 2008


Tyler is the dog I stopped to feed the other day when I saw Angela.
I didn't see him for a couple of days until today. He was limping and on a closer look I noticed he was wounded in a leg. I don't know what happened, but he has an open wound with a tendon sticking out. I applied antibiotic spray and gave him oral antibiotics. If he let me, I will try to bandage that wound tomorrow. I can't do anything else at the momment.


fdechou said...

Hi Sandra, my name is Frances I am from PR but live in Alexandria, VA, I visit PR alot as I have a place there as well in Rio Grande. What can I do to help Tyler, to get him to a vet to get him checked out. let me know, my email is


denise said...

how is tyler doing? what is the update on this cute boy?

Sandra said...

I'm trying to get someone to take him to the vet. Sid F is going to pay for fixing Tyler's wound.