Nov 18, 2008

Update on the starving puppy

[pictures by Sandy Soroka]
This is part of what Sandy wrote: "She ate today and had a hard stool, good news. He said she had four diarrhea's during the night and big worms. But, she hasn't really been able to stand on her own...".
Let's hope she gets better. At least she's eating and no longer has that nasty diarrhea.


Alicia S.G. (Spot's Mom) said...

She already looks so much better. Please keep updating on her condition and thanks so much for helping her.

Anonymous said...

Yes please keep us updated (which I know you will.) I also saw her on Katie's blog (Island Dog) and she called it "Our newest rescue" should we take that to mean Island Dog is stepping in and this dog (if all goes well) will be going into foster care?? I just really hope she doesn't end up back on the beach!

denise said...

I keep my fingers crossed for all of the little ones you guys care for....keep up the great work and i am so glad you discovered her!!!

Sandra said...

Unfortunately she died this morning. She stopped eating yesterday afternoon. It's so sad because she seemed to be getting better. She was the latest rescue and was going to be foster by Sandy. Why would she end back to the beach?

Anonymous said...

So, so very sad.
I really thought she would pull through.