Nov 17, 2008


[The 6 pack, 3 Meredith's puppies and Jack]
I went to see the pups this morning and they were fine.
A teacher who frequents the beach found the 3rd of Meredith's puppies and now he is with his 2 siblings, the 6 pack and Jack--the new cute pup from from a couple of days ago.Then I went to feed other dogs and stopped to feed a new dog that I saw at the side of the boathouse. While feeding him, I saw a bundle at the end of a structure that looks like a garage. When I got close, I saw it was a puppy--a dead puppy covered with newspapers--but then I saw her breathing and she raised her head. She was severly emaciated and dehydrated--all bones and skin. Inmediately I brought her food mixed with water, gave her liquid vitamins and Pedialyte--she was weak, but she ate a lot. She had a diarrhea that looked like black oil. I wonder for how many days she had been there... She resembles so much to Kieran!
She's very small, weighing maybe no more than 2 pounds. She has to be more than 4-5 weeks old because she ate by herself--but I'm not sure.
In the afternoon, Sandy Soroka called me saying she wanted to visit the pups. She helped me vaccinate Meredith's 3 puppies and I showed her the weak new pup. She was already more alert and more willing to walk. She ate some more and we gave her a little more Pedialyte. Sandy took the puppy to a vet in Fajardo. I'm awaiting news about her.
[New dog by the boathouse]


Melody said...

Sandra please update us as soon as you find out how that little one is doing. She looks so sad, I hope that she is going to be okay. I will pray for her tonight.

Alison T. said...

I can't even come up with words to comment on this starving puppy. I hope she makes it.