Dec 31, 2008

Raining puppies

Someone thought it was "funny" to dump these 3 puppies with the other puppies in the last day of the year. They were full of ticks and fleas and starving. This "person" thought it was even funnier to leave wet newspapers everywhere--the room was really a mess this morning. I'm really tired of people dumping puppies trying to clean their conscience and thinking they can dump it all on me. There are too many puppies--I love the puppies but it's really tiring to clean that room every day by myself.


Melody Fillier said...

Sandra, I can tell you are very discouraged. Please don't lose heart. You doing an amazing thing, and if I lived in PR I would be right next to you helping. Is there anyone who can assist you with what you do. Also, has Ginny made any progress with her attempt to get these dogs off the beach. My next paycheck I will send some money to Ginny to help out.

Sandra said...

No one is willing to help me cleaning the room. Everytime i ask people are magically occupied with something. Don't get me wrong but people already dumped 4 puppies in the room with the others and i feel frustrated because they get away with it and i feel like they are taking advantage of me, knowing that i will take care of them and they feel no remorse.

Puppies as small as Gail's puppies make a double mess because they go to the bathroon in the same place they sleep. Older puppies usually go to a certain area and it is easier to clean.

The good news is that one of Gail's puppies found a home today--one spotted male. And two others--maybe Phoebe and Peggy will go to a foster home possibly on friday.

Michelle said...

I know it must be VERY frustrating!!! I feel that way about my kids sometimes. They make messes constantly and expect me to clean it up. Unfortuantely, these are adults we are talking about and you would think that they would know better or have some moral fiber in their beings by now. But I just look at the pix you take, and look into those eyes that need you soooo badly and you must know that you were given this responsibility because you are a very special person and these little guys would be goners without you. I wish that you didn't feel so alone in this, but you are not. All of us who follow Ginny's and your blogs, wish that we could be there with you. I certainly am not above cleaning up puppies poop. We love you Sandra & all that you do. Happy New Year!!!
(it has to be better than this year :)

Anonymous said...

Sandra, please don't give up. You are all they have.Is not the puppies fault and you know it. Those people that abandoned the puppies will pay for it. How could they live with themselves?
We all take our hats off to you for your dedication and love towards the animals. We love you Sandra!

denise said...

Sandra, you are the one the little pups can count on - pls don't get discouraged. There is a special place in hell for those people that regard animals as trash or someone else's 'problem'. You do a wonderful thing each day and I know those little ones appreciate it. I wish PR would make those that abandon animals responsible.......Let's all hope for a happier 2009 and pray....You are an angel!!!

Karitza & Julian-CIOA said...

omygosh lannie and lesley look just like a dog i rescued few months ago...[he is in a loving home now :)]
but these are puppies yet...Blackie was 6 months when i found him. his story is on my blog

these are so cutee