Jan 24, 2009


5 new puppies--barely 4 weeks old. (4 females and one mle)


and Gaby are in foster care. Gaby was recently bitten on the throat by one of the older pups.
Dixie was adopted shortly after she and her sister went to a foster home.
Dixie's sister--Debbie, died of parvo on January 13.
I saw this dog today and I was going to left some food for her when I noticed she was tied to a bush with a trimmer cord.


Anonymous said...

did you get the girl untied from the bush?

Anonymous said...

So now how many puppies are at the beach now?? That white dog is pretty. She reminds me of Shakira. Keep up the good work!

denise said...

poor baby - were u able to free her?

Sandra said...

Yes, I set her free. I left her eating something but I had to go right away, I was not feeling well since yesterday.
We used to have 15 puppies at the beach, the numbers were reduced to 7 and back to 12 with these last 5 small puppies. There are not that many foster homes for all of them, but at least 2 or 3 can be placed from time to time.