Feb 28, 2009

New puppies



This is insane... there are more puppies. There are 2 sweet male puppies: one almost 3 months old and another barely 6 weeks old. And there's a bunch of 6 or 7--I'm not sure--siblings around 2 months old. These are very scared and one of them bites--i wonder how they get them because I can't and they need to be treated for tapeworms.

Feb 22, 2009

New dogs looking for sponsors

Today I found this dog (pic 1) with awfully matted coat that looks like dreadlocks. He seems to be a good dog, but obviously he has not been combed in quite a while.

The mangy dog seems to be a pup (maybe 6 months old)--very sweet.

The other 2 are a little scared but seem nice too. Also there are a 2 or 3 more that I've never seen before--but I don't have pictures of them yet.

The last one is very sweet too. She's small. She looks like Wilson another rescue from a couple of years ago.

Feb 21, 2009


Amigos de los Animales, another rescue group, took 3 puppies (Daly's puppy and the 2 new from the oyther day) and Madelaine, the poodle mix.

Feb 16, 2009


These two were at the end of the beach. A male and a female of around 7-8 weeks old.

Feb 15, 2009

Peggy & Phoebe

The girls just went to a foster home and they are ready to fly.

Feb 14, 2009


This guy is new--he arrived just a couple of days ago. He's very sweet and he's young. If someone can help him, please do.

Feb 13, 2009


The remaining 12 puppies were taken to the vet by Sandy. They will be traveling this weekend.
And Peggy and Phoebe will go to a foster home on sunday.

Feb 8, 2009







This week Katie, from Island Dog took some of the pups: Heidi, Sabrina, Gretchen, Leslie and Lannie and some adults like Freddy, Yaritza and the new black/tan male.

Today I found a new puppy with the others but he was dead.

Feb 5, 2009

General update

Rachel disappeared on January 25. She was old and sick. I haven't found her yet but I think she died.
This one is Stephanie's surviving puppy.
There were a second puppy but she was hit by a car.
Sabrina was taken by someone a month ago and brought back yesterday.
See why I get upset everytime a stranger takes one of the pups? They don't usually have a real commitment and dump them back to the beach.
This young male was dumped with the older pups the same day 3 new puppies were thrown and one of them was killed.

These 2 girls were at the beach trying to cross to the other side of the road.
This are the 2 surviving puppies of the 3, when one of them was apparently killed by an older pup.

Feb 1, 2009


One of the older pups bit one of the smaller 5 puppies on the throat. As you can see, she is fine now but this is the second time--Gaby was bitten on the throat some time ago. I still don't know which one is doing this but I'm trying to keep the small ones appart.
Someone dumped 3 more puppies (2 males and 1 female) with the others. Unfortunely one of them was dead before I got to see them. He was attacked and bitten on the throat too--as Gaby and the other--but this one was not lucky, thanks to the double bad judgement of the "human" who threw them away with the older pups. I transfered the remaining 2 new puppies with the other 5. They have the same age (5 weeks).

Jordan--one of 2 of Gail's remaining puppies--was taken by someone. His sister, Heidi is the only one left from 5 siblings.

Last friday some visitors from New York rescued Amy and her 5 puppies and Jill and her remaining 4--so that's good!