Feb 5, 2009

General update

Rachel disappeared on January 25. She was old and sick. I haven't found her yet but I think she died.
This one is Stephanie's surviving puppy.
There were a second puppy but she was hit by a car.
Sabrina was taken by someone a month ago and brought back yesterday.
See why I get upset everytime a stranger takes one of the pups? They don't usually have a real commitment and dump them back to the beach.
This young male was dumped with the older pups the same day 3 new puppies were thrown and one of them was killed.

These 2 girls were at the beach trying to cross to the other side of the road.
This are the 2 surviving puppies of the 3, when one of them was apparently killed by an older pup.


denise said...

you sure have your hands full each day. keep it up, sandra

denise said...

I'm so sad about Rachel. Please continue helping the little ones, for without you, they have no chance.....

Anonymous said...

Is Rachel the one who had deteriorated after 6 years on the beach?
No offers to take her to the vet came in? I know most people would rather help the puppies, but what an amazing story of survival Rachel is. Please update if you find her. My friend Aned might be able to pay for her vet visit despite these harsh economic times.

Sandra said...

I haven't found her yet. And no, no one offered to take her to the vet. She was spayed several years ago but a while after that she changed and got scared of people, making it almost impossible to get close to her. She has been at the beach for more than 8 years.

denise said...

Rachel's story breaks my heart - we have got to find a way to get more dogs off the beach and into the hands of loving owners.....i wish i could take them all....and put an end to the 'trashing' of animals' lives....it saddens me and makes me lose hope for humans...BUT then i think of all the things you do, sandra, and some of my hope is restored...thank you, sandra.