Feb 22, 2009

New dogs looking for sponsors

Today I found this dog (pic 1) with awfully matted coat that looks like dreadlocks. He seems to be a good dog, but obviously he has not been combed in quite a while.

The mangy dog seems to be a pup (maybe 6 months old)--very sweet.

The other 2 are a little scared but seem nice too. Also there are a 2 or 3 more that I've never seen before--but I don't have pictures of them yet.

The last one is very sweet too. She's small. She looks like Wilson another rescue from a couple of years ago.


denise said...

can you cut some of the hair so at least he/she will be more comfortable? they are all so cute!

Sandra said...

I will try next time. I'm not sure if he's friendly enough to let me do it, but he can barely see.

denise said...

poor baby!!!! if he only knew how much better he'd feel!!!

denise said...

that little one looks pretty bad!!! will he come close to you?