Feb 1, 2009


One of the older pups bit one of the smaller 5 puppies on the throat. As you can see, she is fine now but this is the second time--Gaby was bitten on the throat some time ago. I still don't know which one is doing this but I'm trying to keep the small ones appart.
Someone dumped 3 more puppies (2 males and 1 female) with the others. Unfortunely one of them was dead before I got to see them. He was attacked and bitten on the throat too--as Gaby and the other--but this one was not lucky, thanks to the double bad judgement of the "human" who threw them away with the older pups. I transfered the remaining 2 new puppies with the other 5. They have the same age (5 weeks).

Jordan--one of 2 of Gail's remaining puppies--was taken by someone. His sister, Heidi is the only one left from 5 siblings.

Last friday some visitors from New York rescued Amy and her 5 puppies and Jill and her remaining 4--so that's good!


denise said...

Keep up the good work, Sandra! Those little ones need you. I can't believe people continue to throw animals away like trash...

denise said...

Nutrical is finally on its way!