Mar 4, 2009


This dogs and some more were taken by Animal Control today. We are trying to take them out and into foster homes or boarding. Some even have potential families waiting for them.

Sandra was at the beach today and found that the puppies in the puppy room were gone and she didn't see some of the other adults there. I called Animal Control in Humacao and Daly (the dalmatian mom), all the puppies, and some other of our beach dogs are there at the animal control shelter! That is REALLY BAD because they will be euthanized tomorrow (they do the euthanizations on Thursdays) if we don't claim them! They close at noon and Sandra is going to sneak out from work to go identify which ones are ours. I talked to Dr. Serrano who is the director there and he will let us "adopt" them from the shelter and take them out. Last time it was $50 per dog so it'll probably be close to that. We need people who can go to the shelter either later tomorrow morning (but before noon) or on Friday to pick them up and get them to boarding or foster care. ANYONE WHO CAN HELP WITH EITHER DRIVING, FOSTERING, OR CONTRIBUTING MONEY FOR THESE DOGS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP! They will all need to be taken to the vet for a check-up and vaccinations and then taken to somewhere to stay until I can get them here. Sabine has offered to take the two that have skin problems (I'm not sure whether they were picked up but will know tomorrow morning) and Barbara can take 3 or 4 to foster. Susy, perhaps you can take a couple of the babies? Right now, we just need to claim them from animal control IMMEDIATELY and get them to even temporary care.

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