Apr 6, 2009

Another update

I still don't have news on Betsy. We'll see tomorrow.

But more puppies were dumped at the beach: 5 mangy puppies, 6 weeks old, Chihuahua mix--4 girls and 1 boy, I think. I don't know how many times I have said this, but it's insane! What bothers me the most is that these animals are been pick up to be killed and the ones who dump them don't have any punishment at all--and the government agencies have no interest in doing it, they just want to kill them to get them out of the way on behalf of "tourism". Disgusting... We really need human control!

1 comment:

michelle b said...

They look so small and scared. I don't know how these people sleep at night, with no regard for pain or suffering in the most defenseless of God's creatures. It just makes me so sad so I know you must feel it a million times more, Sandra. I'm so sorry for your burden.