Sep 9, 2009


Sometimes I see many terrible things but I don't post all of them. But I this time I will mention 2 dogs that died recently hit by cars: Vicky (a chihuahua who died a couple of weeks ago) and Marianne (a yorkie who died today with her skull totallly crushed). Vicky has been at the beach for several months and Marianne was there a couple of weeks--she was abandoned with a male yorkie but he disappeared. Both of them were very shy and sweet.


michelle b said...

Sandra, I am so sorry that you have to bear witness to the horrible things that happen on those beaches. You are a very strong and brave person. God bless you.

Christine said...

So horrible and just not fair!!

denise said...

those poor, poor babies!!! and i pray for you each night, sandra. may god bless all that you do to help the little ones. you are an angel!!!