Oct 3, 2009


I haven’t much time to update the blog lately but a lot has been going on.  A thousands  of people have been fired by the new government in the last few months and a result a lot of people are abandoning their pets (that’s not an excuse for being cruel, of course but…) and there are more pets wandering the streets than ever.

First of all, the 9 puppies were rescued by Maritza Rodriguez from All Sato Rescue, Will Divney and some friends. I have 2 of the puppies at home (I may keep them both) and the other 7 were taken to the vet for boarding. Unfortunately one of them died this weekend (I still don’t have the info on which one, but I was told it was one of the smaller ones).

Other 8 puppies were dumped immediately after the group of nine was rescued, including 2 one week old  puppies—unable to feed by themselves. Fortunately for them Maritza is taking care of those 2. The other 6 remained at the beach for lack of foster homes, but someone took the only male, so there are 5 now.I have found Madison’s puppies, the dog that was abandoned  last month--pregnant and with 2 older pups. I think there are 6 puppies of nearly a month old.

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