Nov 30, 2009


There were several puppies in the last few days--Jasmin and 3 puppies plus 2 unrelated puppies and other 2 siblings were recently at the beach. Apparently Jasmin’s 3 puppies and one of the light brown siblings were taken from the beach and brought back all but one. There are only 6 puppies because one of Jasmin’s was taken. She's taking care of all of them.

Darlene disappeared since the explosion at the Gulf Plant several weeks ago—then , all the other Oil Plants were closed and guarded fearing sabotage—including the Shell Plant by the beach. Then I didn’t have access to the beach for several days. The last time I saw Darlene was the day before that explosion. When I finally came back I saw Dana (Darlene’s sister) and Danya (Dana’s daughter) but no sign of Darlene—they were always together, they are kind of wild. She was eating as usual the last time I saw her but I fear the worse since she had cancer.

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