Feb 26, 2010

New rescues

A bunch of dogs were rescued this week: Megan, Macy, Maddison, Jenny and Tracy. Tracy had a hernia and had surgery--read ginny's blog for more details (i'm not really good with details and besides, english is not my first language and Ginny explains better).
I want to thank a wonderful couple I met the other day at the beach--Lila and David. they were on vacation but they wanted to help somehow. They helped a lot already, including transporting the dogs to the vet and/or foster homes. They also rescued a puppy--named Coqui--at a beach in Humacao.

Feb 19, 2010

Last puppies to arrive

These puppies are currently at the beach. The black/white siblings--has been there for some time, they are at the side of the road to the beach. The other 2 pups arrived at the beach last week. The one in last picture is not a puppy but this pure-bred Lab is very sweet--follows me everywhere. There is a Rottweiler too, Terry--she's very sweet too. Next time i'll post a pic of her.

Feb 16, 2010

Puppy room: demolished

As I said before the old building at the beach is been demolished and last saturday it was the turn of the room known as puppy room--where the small puppies used to take cover.
Right now there are a couple of puppies running around the beach exposed to cars and the not so good intentions of some people.

Feb 12, 2010

Feb 8, 2010

More pictures of the beach...


As I mentioned before the old boat house at the beach is been demolished. That's a good thing, but I'm worried about the dogs. Puppies were usually safer around this building. Now that the municipality is "fixing" the place to get the attention of tourism, I wonder what will happen to the dogs. People will continue dumping dogs and puppies here--no one is doing anything to prevent that, they will just kill them.
Here are some pictures of the building area so you have an idea of what's going on.

Adoption Fair

Feb 3, 2010


Four puppies have been rescued this week.
The place where the puppies usually are at the beach--an old boathouse--is going to be demolished and a lot of modifications has been going on at the beach lately. While this is usually good, it may not be good for the dogs. The beach is being "remodeled" for tourism--and in this island, usually where's there's tourism involved, total erradication of dogs and cats follows. Let's see what will happen...