Feb 26, 2010

New rescues

A bunch of dogs were rescued this week: Megan, Macy, Maddison, Jenny and Tracy. Tracy had a hernia and had surgery--read ginny's blog for more details (i'm not really good with details and besides, english is not my first language and Ginny explains better).
I want to thank a wonderful couple I met the other day at the beach--Lila and David. they were on vacation but they wanted to help somehow. They helped a lot already, including transporting the dogs to the vet and/or foster homes. They also rescued a puppy--named Coqui--at a beach in Humacao.


Anonymous said...

Sandra, pleaes don't thank us, we are grateful for YOU, because if not for you, all those dogs who have small chance, would have NO chance at all.

Tu es la mejor, mi amiga. Muchisimas gracias por todo.

Lila y David

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and wonderful person you are. Your husband is lucky to have you in his life. We love you! Thank you for all you do for the abandoned animals of Puerto Rico and how you enrich the lives of so many people and animals alike.

1494 said...


Without you. none of this is possible. Thank YOU for saving all these dogs. God is watching, and you will not be forgotten.

We will go back to NYC and use all our resources to help you and the dogs. We will help to make a change, this is our promise.

Renvenge is up to God for all the pain and hurt that has been brougt to these helpless animals. I have faith in Him.