Mar 23, 2010

Another unsensitive "citizen" (for not calling him something worse--not that he doesn't deserve it)

Just today I saw a man with 2 small children--not even in school age--and the bastard hit a small dog on the head with a heavy stick. I stopped and told him a couple of things like--hey man, you can't do that, much less in front of your children... if they grow up to be disgusting people, now you know who to blame... and so on". The dog was just sitting on the sand when they approached and out of nowhere he hit him/her. The poor pup was so scared that even I couldn't get close, s/he just ran away as fast as s/he could. With this attitude coming from their parents, children are getting that this is ok, "it's just a dog" and tomorrow could be just "a human" they just "killed... That's how tomorrow's criminals are formed.

Mar 22, 2010


Roy was transfered to a foster home today. He looks gorgeaous and happy. He likes to give bear hugs. He still has some dermatitis but mange is gone.

Mar 20, 2010

Something about horses

It's very common, here in PR, to abandon a horse when he or she gets hurt--but that doesn't make it right. I went to the beach yesterday at 9am and I saw this horse at the side of the road to the beach. I thought she was dead, but when I got close she raised her head to look at me. She was down and I saw that she had a deep wound in one of her back legs and several other minor wounds. I gave her water, and not knowing what is the agency in charge to deal with a situation like this, I called the police. They told me they will call the proper agency. I got back home to study but kept thinking about the horse all day until I decided to go back to the beach at 4pm to see if someone has taken care of the situation. To my surprise--yes, I'm still a little naive--the horse was still there--agonizing!!! I called back the police and they assured me they have called someone to take of this. I talked to a couple of people at the beach and a young man told me he also called someone in San Juan (in charge of cases like this one)in the morning, and nothing has been done yet. A couple told me that they have seen the horse around the night before but she was standing. Finally, the horse died at 4:21pm in front of me. I was the last person to caressed her and the last person she saw.
Seriously--what kind of person abandons a sweet horse like her? And what kind of government agencies let a horse agonize all day like that??? I would like to know what is the agency responsible for this lack of humanity. Why it took them so long to do something?

Mar 16, 2010

New puppy

I saw this puppy this afternoon. A loony--really, this guy seemed mentally ill--kicked something in the sand and keep walking. Suddenly I heard the puppy whining... She was hungry and since there is no place at the beach now closer a a safer place anymore, I just moved the puppy and left some food for her. I also dewormed her. She must be around 7 weeks old.
If someone wants to help her, let me know.

Mar 14, 2010

The beach...

The old building at the beach is still in demolition... is almost down.
See pictures of the dogs currently at the beach at link in the sidebar: BEACH DOGS.

Mar 5, 2010


In this picture, Roy with Tracy (now Sugar). Roy was taken to the vet yesterday.