Apr 20, 2010



Apr 19, 2010

To foster homes

Yesterday we took little Jade and Karen and her puppies to Jessica, who in turn was going to take them to Nilsa. Jade was staying at my house for the last 2 days--I'm going to miss the little one.

Karen's puppies rescue

First, we dug around the cave with a shovel then with our hands. Then Angel--my husband, who's tall and thin entered in the hole and took the puppies out. The last two puppies were deeper--the cave seemed to have another hole in it. Now Karen and the puppies are in a foster home with Nilsa Santiago.

Apr 17, 2010

Apr 16, 2010


This is the puppy I saw the other day with her mom near my house. Apparently a moron neighbor took the puppy and left her in a nearby park with come meat in a plate. Another neighbor told me he saw a white puppy in the park, so I went there and found out it was the same puppy. It was raining and she was alone. I still haven't seen the mom. I took her home but can't keep her for long. This baby needs a foster home.
I took some pictures of the puppy with my big babies Katya and Maya. Katya likes the puppy but she's too rude playing. And Maya doesn't like the puppy at all--she's barking at her all the time and runs when the puppy gets close.

Apr 14, 2010

Can someone help this mom and puppy?

They are not from the beach but they are close to where I live. I have seen the mom before but I didn't know she has a puppy (4 or 5 weeks old). I saw them today in front of an abandoned house close to my house. Apparently they are living in the patio and the open "marquesina" of that house. I don't know if the neighbors are ok with that, if not they may call animal control anytime. So, if someone can sponsor them to get them out of there as soon as possible, please do!


Karen has her puppies in a place sooo unreachable... She chose a hole under a section of a road near the shore. The place is at the end of a green fence with a PELIGRO sign on it. At the end of the fence there's a tree and close to the tree's base, there's the hole.

Apr 13, 2010


So many things happened. Kyley (the grayish chocolate with white puppy--first pic)has been rescued. This rescue was kind of a nightmare. I found Kyley quickly but I didn't see the other dogs that I was supposed to take to the vet--it was raining a lot (and I had a big headache), so I supposed they were hiding somewhere. At the same time I was told where Karen's puppies are, but they where unreachable inside a "hole" (second pic).
One of the dogs I was supposed to take yesterday, was a white Chihuahua (third pic)--but unfortunately I found her dead today. Apparently she died yesterday.

Apr 10, 2010

New mom and puppies

I saw this mom and 3 puppies today but I think they have been there for a few more days. Mom is sweet but the puppies are kind of skittish.

New dogs

Some are puppies and some are young. The pup that was hit by a man looks fine now (second pic)--still scared, though but I'm trying to get close to her/him.


This is how the boathouse looks now. My concern is that Betsy gave birth last week and may have put the babies somewhere near the metal/concrete debris.

Apr 8, 2010

Apr 4, 2010

Rescue of Hercules, the boxer

Hercules was taken to Salinas by Bonnie and Tony. I think he will be sponsored by "Second Chance".

Rescued dogs

Thanks to the quick reply of a couple of sponsors this dogs has been rescued. The black pup with white on the chest is Tyler and the black one with tan on the legs is Parker. I was calling the boxer, Hercules.

Apr 2, 2010

New dogs on Holy Week

Here are the new guys of the week. Most of them are young pups. The boxer (last 2 pics) is very thin and has a wound on his neck.