May 28, 2010

Update on Gretchen's puppies

It's been raining a lot lately and it's not safe for the puppies.
I could only take 3 of the puppies to the vet on Tuesday--2 males and a female (Kody, Kenny and Kasey). Kenny was the smallest, and he had a labored breathing. The little guy survived for two more days and then died on Thursday at 4:42pm.

I took two more on Thursday--two more males (Keith and Kyle). To my surprise there were a 6th puppy--still at the beach with Gretchen. I will keep trying to get him/her.
We need your contribution for vetting costs and boarding.
[pic#1: Kenny, pic#2: Kody & Kasey, pic#3: Keith & Kyle]


Anonymous said...

Will you be taking Gretchen too?

Sandra said...

Yes. But need to reach the remaining puppy first. I left her to take care of the other puppy who is behind a barbeb wire fence.

Sandra said...

There's still a puppy at the beach with Gretchen. I don't know if s/he is fine or not.

Unfortunely another of Gretchen puppies died on friday--another male, Kody of the first 3 i took to the vet.