Jul 20, 2010


Ok. I'm having troubles uploading pictures but here's an update: Some of the new dogs were rescued by Ginny, Chrissy and Alicia. Rhonda (white/brown fluffy--picture in last blog), Lynn (cream--picture in last blog) and a young boxer girl who was really in bad shape. Rhonda is around a year old. Her health is good but she was limping. Lynn is fine but she's heartworm possitive. Unfortunately the boxer pup didn't make it. She was hospitalized over the weekend but died on monday.
I will post the pictures as soon as I can.

Of all 5 Gretchen's puppies, only Kyle survived. Kody, Kenny and Keith died from distemper first. Then the remaining 2, Kasey and Kyle got sick with parvovirus and Kasey--the only female of the litter--didn't make it.

Of Karen's 7 puppies (the ines rescued from a hole), one of them died of parvovirus. The other 6 never got sick and are fine. Jade got sick too but is fine now.

My baby Mitzi is now in NY with Chrissy.

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Second Chance Animal Rescue said...

Hi dear Sandra. Thank you again for helping me get the boxer to the vet. I do have a sad update about our girl on my blog. May she rest in Peace.