Sep 27, 2010

More puppies

Last week 9 puppies and an adult dog were rescued. Dylan, Dixie, Daisy, Ashley, Amy, Marysol, Rosy, Sophia, Champ and Cindy.
This week we have 2 more and possibly 4 or 5 more. The 2 small ones--Kelsey and Chelsea are at my home. I was told that there were some other spotted puppies somewhere near the river but I didn't see them yesterday. I will look again, of course.

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Jen said...

Cindy is doing so well in her new home. She is spoiled rotten. My father, Larry, is a volunteer at Pet's Alive and fell in love with her. I met her this weekend when I went home to my parents' house. We renamed her Abby. She is so sweet and you don't have to worry. She has the best home. She has discovered sleeping in front of the fireplace.