Oct 31, 2010

A real horror tale

I had a terrible morning. I don't want to upset you but I need to tell people what I saw at the beach today.
I went to see Peggy's puppies because last night was raining. She have moved them to another location and seemed to be ok but i found yet another puppy--a 7th puppy, a female. She was alone, hungry and all wet. She was near the dirt road. When I picked her up--it was terrible! She was alive but have worms coming out of her back. I used water and Frontline (the only thing I had at the moment) to take away as many worms as possible, but more kept coming out. I decided to leave her with her mom while I get back home and to get a bucket of water, shampoo and a towel. I came back and bathed her. While bathing her i found a small wound in her tigh--that's where all the worms were coming from and the puppy had clusters of hundred of eggs around her back. The puppy had worms in her eyes too!!! I desinfected the tigh wound and filled it with antibiotic. I used another antibiotic for her eyes and gave her some NutriCal. I didn't know what else to do--vet clinics are closed on Sundays in this area. I put her back with the others hoping Peggy doesn't abandon her. They are only 21 days old and this puppy was slightly smaller than the others--they need their mother.

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