Nov 28, 2010


He likes to sleep in his food bowl. In the other picture, Harry and Hermione playing with their new toys.

Nov 25, 2010

Harry and Hermione

Christina and I found Harry and Hermione while we were feeding Sam and Sasha. Their condition was bad, very weak and with some mange. Their feet are deform--especially Harry's--apparently due to malnutrition. We take them to the vet and now they are staying at my house.
Thanks to the person who donated some food and toys for the dogs. The label was blurred and I can't read the name but is from MN. Can you let me know your name? Thanks!

Sam and Sasha

They are still at the beach but I already vaccinated them. They were 5, but one got adopted and the other 2 unfortunately were kill by cars and we moved the others to a safer place. There are a lot of dogs at the vets right now and we can't get them yet.

Davey and Jack

Davey and Jack were sick for a couple of weeks but they are all right now. Ang the mange is gone too. They are currently at my home.

Kelsey and Chelsea are going to NY

Nov 8, 2010

Peggy's puppies last video

This video taken the day before they were euthanized.

Nov 6, 2010

Peggy's puppies...

Unfortunately Peggy's 6 puppies were euthanized because of a distemper risk. It was very hard for me because just the day before I saw them playing and looked so happy. This are the last pictures I took of them.

Nov 2, 2010

Peggy's puppies

The puppy survived the rainy night, although i found her alone--Peggy moved all the others and left this one behind. I got confused and thought there were 7, but i think there are only 6--I will check again anyway. they were taken to the vet.
I notice the puppy's eyes looked better and she opened them. When they shaved her at the vet, we saw that the wound in the tigh cound be a bite and it was infected. The skin of her back was infected too--the area covered with maggots. She ate a lot! So I think she will be all right.