Mar 26, 2011

Pets Alive Puerto Rico



Leah said...

Hello, I will be in Puerto Rico the weekend of May 13th. I wanted to go by Yabucoa/Dead Dog Beach while there and was wondering if you needed any volunteer help or donations. Please let me know as I would like to help out any way I can.

Sandra said...

Yes, thank you. We currently are trying to help a dog that gave birth in a school and we need both, donations and a foster home.

Sherri said...

I just spent 4 days at the Lucia Beach Villas at Yabucoa. This was my first time in Puerto Rico and I had no idea that this area was Dead Dog Beach. I cried the whole 4 days I was in the area and fed every stray I could find. This morning as I was leaving the hotel for the airport at 2:30 am, someone has just dumped a small puppy on the beach in front of the hotel. It clung to me and chased the car. Absolutely heart breaking.

I want to help finacially. I just donated to Pets Alive. Is that the organization through which you receive your donations? I want to make sure you get the money.

Sandra said...

What color was the puppy?

Sherri said...

She was a medley of browns. Short hair... I think a hound mix. She looked to be about 3 months old... still had her baby teeth. She looked well cared for and was clinging to me which makes me sure someone dumped her. If I could have gotten her on the airplane I would have taken her with me.

There are 2 small wild dogs (I think litter mates) less than a year that live next to the hotel... sometimes in the bushes sometimes under the carport of the beach house next door. One is black with white chest and the other is brown... the brown one is not her.

If I can provide any more information please send email me at and I will give you my phone number.